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Tips for travelling in the festive time of year

By admin | November 9, 2015

The festive time is one of the busiest times of the year therefore, the below list of tips is to help you when travelling at this busy time.


1. Leave presents unwrapped

If you are travelling to your destination via plane and you have already bought your Christmas presents, do not wrap them. Wrapped boxes and presents can be very suspicious and an immediate red flag to customs and airport security. Store the presents in plastic bags or suitcases instead. This is a lot easier and saves time in having to wrap your presents when they may be opened by customs or the actual flight.


2. Make plans early

The festive season is always a very busy time of year. Make your travel plans early for the best options and cheapest deals – ideally try to plan and book for your holiday a few months before hand. Usually if you leave your travel plans to the last minute, you could end up paying a high price for a flight that would have originally been half the price.


3. Get to the airport early

With the festive season being very popular for people to go on holidays, this means the airport is going to be extremely busy with the amount of people travelling. You don’t want to miss out on your flight and have to buy another one, or worse; not be able to go. Make sure you get to the airport with enough time and check-in as soon as you can.


4. Pack light

It’s very easy to over pack when travelling over the festive period. There are strict charges for overweight luggage, especially during this time. Try to only bring the necessities. People usually buy a variety of things over the festive season and you want to have enough room to bring all those presents home!


5. Stay informed

Remember to double check your flight details 24 hours before as due to the busy flight schedule over the festive season, the time of your flight may have been changed. Stay informed of any weather updates at your travel destination by checking the weather before you leave.


6. Do your research

Research the area before you arrive – particularly in regards to transport. Explore all the transport facilities in the area and the prices so that you aren’t running low on money because you didn’t realise a Taxi from point A to point B would cost so much. Make sure you don’t overlook public transport, as it usually is the cheapest option available.


7. Don’t bring gifts with you

Try not to buy too many gifts before heading out on your holiday as it can take up quite a lot of space and be an inconvenience. Either order gifts online and have them delivered to your destination or purchase your gifts when you get to the destination. Bringing gifts with you could end badly with lost or even broken presents.


Whatever you and your family have planned for the season we want to wish you a safe and happy time.

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