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Tips for car trips with the kids

By admin | September 19, 2017

 Travelling visit relatives? The chances are a car trip is in your future. So we have prepared our tips for keeping every family member happy.

1.Safety is paramount

Ensure any nagging issues with the car are ironed out before the trip.  These problems will only get worse the more you drive the car.

Make sure everyone is buckled in. If you’re travelling with young children ensure that their car seats are installed properly.

Sleep is also a vital part of safe driving. Getting adequate sleep the night before is imperative for the driver to concertante. Having the kids well rested is also a huge bonus for a happy road trip.

2.Strategic Packing

There is nothing worse than constantly stopping to get things out of your luggage. This is why it is imperative to pack strategically.

Having a separate bag for items that you will need on the trip packed on top of the luggage means the person in the back seat can easily reach over the seat to grab these items. Having separate bags for food and toys/electronics is a great idea.

It also great to have water, jumpers, hats, sunscreen and insect repellent handy. When it’s time to stop for a break, the family can enjoy the fresh air. It’s also a good idea to bring some pillows to allow tired children to sleep and separate siblings on the drive.

Image: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/children-who-sit-middle-seat-5614112


The important part of a successful car trip is good entertainment. Bored children are bound to end up fighting or in tears. Making the car trip fun and an extended part of the holiday will have kids jumping to get in the car.

If you are travelling with babies ensure there are interesting toys dangling over their car seat to ensure that they have something to look at. For toddlers it’s a good idea if there are two adults for one to sit in the backseat and entertain them. Reading them books, playing children’s songs on the radio or even pointing out interesting sites as you drive past.

For older children nothing works better than buying them a new activity book for the road. Ensure the crayons are washable so any artwork to the back seat can be removed. Other ideas include Electronic games on the IPad or other devices. These are sure to keep them amused for a few hours. Playing games such as “I spy” is always entertaining for the whole family.

4.Food is your friend

Food is sure to keep the kids quiet. Ensure you pack foods that travel well and are a hit with the children. Some good ideas include Crackers, chips, sandwiches, apple slices, muesli bars, cookies and vegetable sticks. Don’t pack things such as juicy fruits, yoghurts and juice poppers; these will only lead to a mess. Include some naughty treats too, so they associate the special treats with car trips only and become a tradition.

Image: Bentgo

 5.Regular Breaks

Regular breaks won’t only help the driver refresh but the kids too. Stop at a park or a restaurant with a playground. This will allow everyone to stretch and run off some energy.


6.Pick the best time of day to suit your schedules

When going on a car trip, make sure it’s planned around the best time of day for you. If children are able to sleep well in the car, it might be an idea to travel at night or early in the morning if this works for the driver as well. Another point is to ensure that travel is done either early in the morning or midday to miss peak traffic periods.


Using these tricks it’s sure to get you to your destination happily. No matter where you are headed these school holidays ULTIQA Lifestyle hopes it’s a memorable and safe time.


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