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Melbourne Cup Spring Fashion

By admin | September 20, 2015

One of the highlights of the Spring Racing Carnival, including the world famous Melbourne Cup is the women’s fashion – Fashions on the Field.

Many people don’t realise that each day of the Spring Racing Carnival, actually has its own theme in regards to fashion. So if you’re attending more than one day, a tip to remember is to wear different dresses on different days. Don’t get stuck wearing the same look over the variety of days, as it gets tired and boring… and it’s highly unlikely that you will find an outfit that will suit all themes.

Traditionally, Derby Day is black and white themed. But don’t just go for a plain white and black dress with black heels. Look for something elegant and chic. Whereas Cup Day is interpreted as wearing the loudest and brightest clothing. It’s all about finding a fun colourful piece/s of clothing that is also unique.

Who wants to turn up only to see a bunch of other people wearing something practically identical to you? You want to stand out in the highest heels, with the most exceptional clothing and an oversized hat. Colour blocking is also used on Cup Day, so wearing one bright and happy colour for the whole outfit or wearing two colours that complement each other. As for Oaks Day, it’s a completely different story, this is the day that you pull out your favourite lace and floral prints. Again this day includes colour, but not as bright as Cup day. Opt for smaller hats and quieter clothing but remember that it all has to be fun and full of glam as well. Please see some outfit examples below.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 7.07.54 pmSource: http://www.polyvore.com/fashion/template?id=1095902

It’s not all about women though, the men’s fashion is just as important.

The themes for the different days of racing still applies to the men, but not as much. It’s more about wearing the popular colours of the year but still tying them into the dress code of the day. Silvers, blues and Navy are popular in terms of suit colours this year. Don’t just wear the same thing as last year. You may want to pull out an old suit though, instead of buying something new. But dress it with current colours and styles.

Once the suit has been picked it’s easy to just wear it with a simple white shirt, but try to look for soft pastel coloured shifts. If you aren’t the pastel type of person, simply opt for a bolder colour or design, however it still needs to tie in with the colour of your suit.

When it comes to choosing accessories and shoes, the one thing to remember is that your shoes and belt must always match. When selecting a tie or bowtie, choose whatever makes you comfortable. Although bowties are quite popular, if you feel more at ease with a tie then wear exactly that, but again just make sure it matches your outfit. If your colour scheme is deep and dark shades, make sure your tie fits in with that and the same for if you are wearing light pastel colours. Please see some outfit examples below.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 7.07.20 pm

Source: http://www.polyvore.com/fashion/template?id=1095901

We’ve created all our above looks from the retailers: Paul Smith, BOSS, Guess, MARC by Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade and Giuseppe Zanotti.

For more inspiration and ideas on what to wear this Melbourne Cup, head over to Myer & David Jones.

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