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Healthy Takes on Christmas Favourites

By admin | December 13, 2015

Who doesn’t love Christmas? One of my favourite parts of the festive season is the amazing food. One day of relaxed eating definitely won’t hurt you, however, if you’re anything like me, it’s not just one day of bad eating. From the first of December, out come the candy canes and my sisters rum balls, and it’s basically never ending naughty foods, all the way to cake on new year’s eve. So how can we turn this month of over indulgence into a healthier one. Well one of the best ways is to supplement the super unhealthy, for the healthy. Below are three of my favourite Christmas tricks that you can easily make yours a whole lot healthier!

1. My friend in health, Leanne, has an amazing recipe for healthy rum balls. These are a favourite in our house, so this recipe is a serious life saver. Super easy to make and replace. The secret is in the sugar replacing ingredient? Stevia. Just click below for the amazing recipe:



Rum Balls


2. The second tip that I have for you is a very easy one, it’s straight swapping your Christmas biscuits for Christmas fruit platters. My family has always had this tradition. On Christmas eve we always have a big summer fruits platter. There are so many amazing fruits around at this time of year, so there is more than enough to keep it exciting. Mangoes, peaches, cherries and nectarines are my personal favorites. Get creative and I’m sure you will love this new tradition!

Fruit Bake


3. My third and last tip is for Christmas day itself. If your family is anything like my family, you try to plan three elaborate meals for christmas day, and end up being so full that you could be sick. Something that my in laws do on christmas day is an awesome trick to being able to really enjoy your Christmas dinner. They eat a really light breakfast and then go out to the beach to swim until they are really hungry, that way they are more than ready for a late lunch, early Christmas dinner. It’s a great trick to lessening the intake on one day, and you really enjoy your food by the time dinner comes around.



I hope that these three tips can help you have a healthier Christmas this year. If you want to know more about improving your health, check out my website at www.elavoe.com


Healthy wishes,
Tanika x

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