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Exercises you can do in your hotel room

By admin | November 22, 2015

Staying fit on your holiday can be a struggle at times. You’re away from home, eating different foods and you’re trying to fit in activities and relaxation, while you can. This means that sometimes, fitting in exercise can be the last thing you want to do. But we all know what happens once the holiday is over; we get home and realize our jeans fit a little too snug. It can be really hard to re-motivate yourself to get back into it after a holiday. Don’t you worry; I have some really easy solutions for you!

There are so many ways that you can make your holiday a healthier one. From walking each morning, to making sure you don’t overeat, but today we are going to go through a super quick, but effective, workout that you can do right in your hotel room. All these exercises use only body weight, which means you need almost no equipment, just some floor space. What you will need is a watch to keep track of time.

So lets get into it!


This workout consists of four simple (but effective) exercises. You are going to perform each movement as many times as you can in one minute, then move onto the next movement for the next minute, and so on. We are going to repeat this little circuit three times. You will get a few minutes of rest in between rounds, so make sure you try as hard as you can!


I will explain each movement in detail below, but here is how the workout will look:

Air squats – 1 minute

Spot Lunges – 1 minute

Pushups – 1 minute

Butterfly sit-ups – 1 minute

Rest – 1 minute

Repeat x 3


Air squats


Squats work your legs and glutes. Make sure your chest stays up as you squat down, and your knees go over your toes. Try and get your buttocks as far down to the ground as you can for each squat.

Spot lunges


Step out one leg in front and touch your back knee to the ground. Making sure your chest stays nice and straight and try to keep your hands on your hips. Swap legs in between every rep.



Keep your elbows close to your body, to target more of your triceps. Make your chest touch the ground for each and every rep. If this is to hard, drop to your knees. We want each push-up to be controlled.

Butterfly sit-ups


Have your feet touching with your knees facing outward. Come all the way back to touch the ground behind you and then come up and touch your toes.


Try keeping track of the amount of reps you get through, and next time you do this workout, try and beat your score!


Happy holidays, I hope it’s a healthy one!




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