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Best Ice Cream Parlours & Flavours

By admin | November 15, 2015

The warmer weather has arrived! Nothing cools you off like a delicious ice-cream. So we have prepared a list of the best ice-cream parlours surrounding our 4 resorts and also some of the most delicious flavours on offer.

Gold Coast – Broadbeach & Surfers Paradise

Cold Rock

Cold Rock is located in the main street of Broadbeach (Albert Avenue), a short walk from both ULTIQA Air on Broadbeach & ULTIQA Freshwater Point Resort. Famous for its “cold rock” in which customers get to choose their own ice-cream flavour then chose a variety of mix’s such as caramel fudge, sweets, chocolates or biscuits then it all gets smashed together using the cold granite bench top.   There’s also a Cold Rock on Elkhorn Avenue, in Surfers Paradise.

Recommended flavours: Milo Ice-cream with Maltesers & caramel fudge added in or bubble-gum ice-cream with nerds & sour worms added in.


Also located in the main street of Broadbeach, the healthy alternative to traditional ice-cream. Customers are invited to choose from a variety of frozen yoghurt flavours and then can add toppings at the self-service counter. Toppings include fresh fruit, muesli, sweets, biscuits & sauces. At checkout customers can try guess the weight of their yoghurt and if they get it right, they get the yoghurt for free.

Recommended flavours: Original yogurt with muesli, fresh strawberries and coconut shavings or Nutella yoghurt with Oreo bits and chocolate topping.


Photo Source: Instagram – @yogetit


Ben & Jerry’s

Located in the Cavill Mall Surfers Paradise Ben & Jerry’s have some decadent ice-cream flavours on offer and serve some awesome desserts. They have just introduced their new Brr-ito, which is a waffle cone made on order then 2 scoops of Ben & Jerry’s placed on top with delicious toppings and rolled into an ice-cream Brr-ito. No longer will you be left with an empty cone!

Recommended Flavours: Couch Potato (Vanilla Ice cream with a salty caramel swirl and chocolate covered potato chip clusters) or cotton candy.

The Gelato Shop

Locate on the corner of Surf Parade and Albert Ave in Broadbeach, this shop is a must for all ice-cream lovers. With 38 QLD Food & Wine Awards under their belt it clear to see why this is a crowd favourite. Not only do they have great ice-cream they also serve warm waffles!

Recommended flavours: rum & raisin, Mars Bar or Blood Orange Sorbet.


Sunshine Coast

De Lish Fish @ Kings

Take a short stroll on the beach path and you will spot De Lish Fish @ kings which serves some of the best Gelato on the Sunshine Coast. Flavours ranging from Strawberry, Bounty, Ferrero Rocher & fresh sorbets there is something that everyone will enjoy.

Recommended flavours: Mango sorbet or Bounty

Baskin-Robbins Caloundra

The popular Baskin-Robbins is located only a short walk from ULTIQA Shearwater Resort on Bullock Street.

Recommended flavours: Pralines & Cream or Fairy floss


For a unique ice-cream experience look no further than Nitrogenie. Using the magic of Nitrogen your ice-cream is made from the raw ingredients right in front of your eyes. It is located on Hastings Street in Noosa heads, a short drive from ULTIQA Shearwater Resort.

Recommended flavours: Lemon Meringue Pie or Salty Caramelly popcorn

697800-130710-nitrogenie-ice-cream - Copy - Copy

Photo Source: nitrogenie.com





A delicious ice-cream boutique located in Fortitude Valley with both traditional flavours on offer and some more exotic ones as well. The best part their scoops claim to be 94% fat free. Take a short walk from ULTIQA Rothbury Hotel to the valley and enjoy a cool treat when you arrive.

Recommended flavours: Marshmallow or Peanut Butter

Dippin’ Dots

It was inevitable that Eat Street would appear somewhere in this blog. Dippin’ Dots is a unique Ice-cream experience where the ice-cream actually looks like small droplets or lollies. Once they hit your mouth though they are delicious, creamy and refreshing just like ice-cream should be. Eat Street Markets are only a short drive from ULTIQA Rothbury Hotel.

Recommended flavours: Strawberry Sorbet or Bubble-gum


Photo Source: dippindots.com.au



Gelàre originally made in Western Australia and is famous for the fact that it is all natural ice-cream and contains no air like traditional ice-cream resulting in better flavour and richer texture. Gelàre is located in South Bank a decent walk from our ULTIQA Rothbury Hotel or a short drive. They also have a vegan range so no one has to miss out.

Recommended flavours: Naked Coconut


Happy Eating!

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